Our Services

ENT-Practice, Phoniatrics and Pedaudiology, Frankfurt

Clinical diagnostics / treatment and procedures for children
Clinical diagnostics/ treatment and procedures for adults

Clinical diagnostics / treatment and procedures for children

Besides infant hearing screening we perform hearing tests with children of all ages. To check the speech development and the hearing ability we perform age appropriate tests.
In close cooperation with the pediatricians we analyze impairments of the speech development and myofuncional dysfunctions.
For children in preschool/school age we provide specific auditory hearing tests to detect central auditory perception deficits (auditory speech processing and sound analysis).
Out patient procedures/operations for children: adenoidectomy, laser tonsillotomy, incision of the ear drum, drainage of the middle ear (ventilation tubes).

Clinical diagnostics / treatment and procedures for adults

Besides the routine ENT-diagnostics including ultrasound scan of the paranasal sinuses, allergy diagnostic, we check the voice of professional vocalists/speakers and students. We also examine hobby divers and pilots. We offer a broad diagnostic for snoring problems/sleep apnea as rhinomanometry, endoscopy, and sleep diagnostic.
Our holistic treatment philosophy includes acupuncture and naturopathic treatment.
Outpatient procedures/day surgery for adults: laser conchotomy/ turbinotomy (nasal obstruction), microsurgery/phonosurgery of the vocal cords (e.g.: cysts, polyps).